I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s all other sports fans but the most annoying thing to me are the fans that chase teams or only like teams that are winners.  We all know there famous nickname bandwaggoners. For those of you who don’t know what bandwaggoners are there the types of people who chase championships, those types of people like teams that get good players all of a sudden or like teams that always win. There are exceptions if you’re from that area then you like that team because that’s the team your incline to like. Now I’m not saying you can’t like another team I’m just saying that’s its really annoying and I don’t understand why. I can see if you are born into a team then it’s understandable but if you like the red sox an you live in California and everyone in your family is a giants fan then that’s dumb you like the red sox because it’s the thing to do and there good. There also is an exception for this if you just all of a sudden start liking a sport for the first time or are new to a sport then I think you should be able to pick any team within the league within the region. So if you live in California then you should be able to pick any team within California. But that’s as far as that goes, but like I said if you’re born into a team that’s different. Like if your family is from New York and moves then I can understand being a fan of that team because you were born into that team. For example I live in a city near LA and all of my favorite teams are from LA one because I’m close and those are the teams and the most important reason I was born into these teams my father liked these teams and I grew up also liking these teams because that’s all I knew and there still the only teams I know. That’s just my opinion about that subject. On a side note when it comes to international sports like the Olympics or the World Cup if your parents come from another country and you were born in another dose not give you the go ahead to like that team if you were born there then you have an obligation to root for that team. You can’t be a fan of team USA basketball and then go for Mexico’s soccer team you have to choose one.it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but that’s just my opinion. Bandwagoners are just the worst type of fan.